Get involved

This site aims to be a source of information for anyone concerned about oil sponsorship of cultural institutions. There are many organisations and groups actively campaigning to end fossil fuel sponsorship. Here are a few good places to start, in the UK and around the world.


Oil Sponsorship Free – over 400 individuals and organisations working in the culture sector who commit to never taking fossil fuel funding for their art. Sign up today.



Art Not Oil coalition – a collective of different organisations actively campaigning to end oil sponsorship of the British Museum, Royal Shakespeare Company, National Portrait Gallery, Science Museum and Royal Opera House.

BP or not BP? – theatrical protest group who regularly perform without permission in oil sponsored cultural spaces.

Fossil Free Tickets – a crowdfunded alternative to BP-sponsored £5 tickets for 16-25-year-olds at the Royal Shakespeare Company



Fossil Free Culture Nl – a collective of artists, activists, researchers and critics confronting oil and gas sponsorship of public cultural institutions in the Netherlands. Through unsolicited art performances in institutions that accept such sponsorship, they expose the ecological and social devastation that the fossil fuel industry inflicts on the planet, and lay bare the way these cultural institutions actively sanitise the reputation of companies like Shell.



Stopp Oljesponsing av Norsk Kulturliv

Norwegian collective of artists, academics and activists campaigning to end oil sponsorship of culture, particularly by Statoil/Equinor.



Natural History Museum – a mobile and pop-up museum that offers exhibitions, expeditions, educational workshops, and public programming. The museum is a project of Not An Alternative, a collective of artists, scientists, historians, theorists, and activists, and unlike traditional natural history museums, it makes a point to include and highlight the socio-political forces that shape nature. The museum’s programs appear within established art, science and natural history museums, in its 15-passenger mobile museum bus, and online. It is a member of the American Alliance of Museums and the Association of Science and Technology Centers.