Shell on trial for corruption in Nigeria

Top Shell executives are currently on trial for an unprecedented corporate bribery scandal. Image: Global Witness

Senior executives at Shell knowingly took part in a vast bribery scheme that robbed the Nigerian people of $1.1 billion. Now, the company and its staff are on trial in what is perhaps the biggest corruption case the oil industry has ever seen. Continue reading

Why oil companies are on a collision course with a safe climate

Photo: Spencer Thomas cc

Global climate change has already begun, and the scientific consensus is that it is largely caused by burning fossil fuels and deforestation. Allowing temperatures to keep rising unabated would push the world further into climate crisis, so in 2015 governments agreed to limit warming to under 2 degrees Celsius – while acknowledging that even that wouldn’t avoid many severe impacts across the world.

If countries are serious about meeting that limit, approximately 80 percent of the fossil fuels we already know about will need to be left in the ground. Continue reading

Why Shell’s plan to tackle climate change doesn’t stack up

'Kayaktivists' who opposed Shell's plans to drill for oil in the Arctic blockaded the company's Polar Pioneer drilling rig in Seattle. The company subsequently abandoned its Arctic drilling ambitions. Photo: Daniella Beccaria/

Question: How do you convince the world your business plan won’t cause disasterous climate change?

Answer: Make up some numbers to pretend it’ll be fine, while not actually changing anything.

That’s pretty much what Shell did when it released a new climate change scenario in March 2018. Known as the ‘Sky’ scenario, the report outlines how the company thinks the world can prevent warming of more than two degrees while handily still consuming lots of fossil fuels. Continue reading